Paul Becker
Paul BeckerPresident & Founder
“God called me to found Dynamic Church Planting International during a prayer retreat to Stonewall Peak in eastern San Diego County in 1994. Prior to that time, I had planted 4 churches, mentored 50 church planters and served in two other church planting organizations. On that prayer walk on Stonewall Peak, the Lord made it clear that I was to found one organization to equip leaders to plant dynamic churches worldwide. The organization that the Lord birthed was DCPI.”

About Paul

Paul leads the Dynamic Church Planting International enterprise around the world. For more than 30 years, he has practiced a spiritual discipline of Prayer Retreats through which he listens to the Lord for his guidance for his life, marriage, family and mission. Paul casts the Five Million Church Vision: Equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ!
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Eric Helmbold
Eric Helmbold Executive Vice President
Eric leads the team at DCPI Global HQ. He is organizing the strategic planning to carry out God’s five million church vision at DCPI. Team leadership is Eric’s strength. He is also a gifted teacher. Leading training events and leadership summits has taken Eric to every continent in the world. God has called Eric to direct our entire staff towards reaching the world for Christ through the most effective evangelistic strategy under heaven: church planting.
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Cathy Becker
Cathy BeckerVice President of Development
Cathy serves as an Executive Leadership Team member and an active participant in making strategic decisions affecting the overall mission of DCPI. She is responsible for building new relationships, DCPI’s visibility, impact and financial resources. It is a role she highly enjoys and counts it a privilege to give others an opportunity to partner with God in DCPI’s mission of equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ.
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 Scott Kirk
Scott KirkVice President of Training
Scott leads the DCPI world training team toward the fulfillment of our vision of equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches worldwide to reach the world for Christ. Managing the headquarter coordinators and the training team staff, Scott is helping to create a mentoring culture that will empower indigenous leaders to plant churches and launch church planting movements all over the world. Scott loves to communicate God’s great news, encourage leaders, and build teams who will live the exciting life of boldly following Jesus together.
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David Godoy
David Godoy Director of Next Generation & Executive in Charge of Translations
David leads the DCPI NexGen Team around the world to inspire next generation leaders to embrace church planting ministry to reach the world for Christ. He loves to see young leaders engage in the fulfilment of the Great Commission.
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The Team

Iva Foster
Iva Foster Director of Finance
Iva has been with DCPI since July 2010. She works in the Operations Department handling all financial aspects for the organization. She is a servant who is gifted in administration which enables her to support the staff while they focus on their responsibilities.
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Ollis J. Mozon, Jr.
Ollis J. Mozon, Jr.Director of Human Resources & Director of Oral Learning
For Ollis (OJ) Human Resources means prayerfully getting the right persons on our team and preparing them to go to the right places globally at the right time. He creatively reformats our written training materials using oral Bible storytelling techniques and discussions to present the church planting guidance to oral learners. Selected Bible stories are taught and connected to DCPI church planting principles and key teaching points.
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Brandon Becker
Brandon BeckerDirector of Online Training
Brandon leads the team that is launching DCPI online training. He also works with DCPI to raise up the Next Generation of Church Planters and DCPI staff.
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Deidre Holliday
Deidre Holliday Director of Communications
“Deidre has the favored role of gathering stories about God’s continued goodness and provision toward all He created in His image.
She connects with leaders and members of the flock whose ministry and lives have been touched and changed forever by the ministry of DCPI. From these accounts, she prepares written pieces that respond to the summons of King David in Psalm 66:5 to “”Come and see what God has done: He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man.”” “
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Aaron Wolfe
Aaron WolfeDirector of Curriculum
Aaron leads the translations department, coordinating the translation of our church planting materials in languages spoken throughout the entire world. He also works in the materials department editing and formatting the materials before they are released.
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 Steve Goldberg
Steve Goldberg Director of Missionary Services
Steve functions as a liaison between leaders trained and DCPI, additionally Steve works with the development team.
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Matt Nash
Matt Nash HQ World Zone Representative for Africa
Matt heads up our Partnership Department and engages with our current training partners and new partners around the world. The partnership department has a vision to connect with churches, denominations, institutes of higher education and missions organizations to help train leaders to plant 5 million dynamic churches. Matt also leads our Africa World Zones as the headquarter coordinator for DCPI. He helps our African World Zone leaders and regional directors plan training events for all of Africa and mentors leaders in the United States and Africa. He loves working with national leaders to help DCPI be more effective in advancing the Kingdom of God through church planting.
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Rev. Scott Last
Rev. Scott LastHQ World Zone Representative for Europe/North Africa/Middle East/Stans
Scott coordinates our training in Europe, as well as the “pioneering” efforts we are making in the North African, Middle Eastern and the “stan” countries (think “Afghanistan” or “Pakistan”). He also serves as our resident International Pastor and Worship Leader. He has served as a church planter in Italy, Portugal and the USA.
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 Chris McKinney
Chris McKinney HQ World Zone Representative for Asia
Chris works to assist the World Zone Leaders, Regional Directors, and training partners in Asia to achieve DCPI’s enterprise goals with strategic planning, budgeting, networking of leaders, communication, and training. In cases where no World Zone Leader is appointed, Chris serves as acting World Zone Leader.
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Shawn Homan
Shawn HomanDirector of Operations
Shawn’s ever-changing role requires constant adaptability as each season brings about new events, projects, and team members that she works with to achieve further momentum operationally towards the 5 million church vision. Each day for Shawn and the team around her brings fresh challenges, which is what continues to fuel her passion in this ministry. From her work behind the scenes for events like WZ Gatherings & GV Summits to traveling overseas to be a part of research teams, it’s evident that her role with the team is anything but monotonous. In addition to Shawn’s work in special projects, the global team looks to her as the rudder of the ship that is our day to day operations. Building and maintaining relationships with our vendors/partners is one of the many God anointed gifts that Shawn brings to the DCPI family.
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Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter Online Training Manager
As Online & Remote Training Coordinator, Jessica coordinates the Platform, the Materials/Curriculum, the A/V, and the Translations/Localization aspects of the ORT Department.

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Ruth Mcmullen
Ruth McmullenExecutive Assistant to the President and Vice President of Development
Ruth works directly for Paul and Cathy Becker. Ruth manages and maintains their schedules, appointments and travel arrangements.
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Jay Devers
Jay DeversWorld Zone Rep
Jay grew up following his family around the globe. As he came to faith it was evident cross-cultural work was for him. Now, 30+ years later, he is still loving the Lord and this work He has called all followers to- inviting all peoples into His glorious kingdom.
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Sam Douglass
Sam Douglass Director of Unreached Unengaged People Groups and New Countries
Sam is a “cutting edge” thinker and strategist that helps DCPI penetrate darkness by going to the hard places and identifying people groups that are receptive to the gospel and church planting. He is a networker who knows how to connect people and existing groups with those who are unreached and new to Christianity. In a real sense he will serve as a “global connector” who will connect existing congregations/denominations/networks with newly identified unreached and unengaged people groups to further the gospel and bring light to the darkest and difficult to reach areas of the world.
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Field Staff

Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith Training Associate
Reilly trains church planting leaders and trainers in 4 tracks: Church Planting Essentials, Churches Planting Churches, Becoming A Church Planting Mentor, and Church Planting Movements. He also evaluates training events and summits for DCPI, and represents DCPI at mission events.
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Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett Training Coordinator: Japan
Steve leads DCPI’s strategic efforts to equip church planters to plant dynamic churches in Japan.
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John Bond
John BondWorld Zone Leader - Asia (Southeast, South Pacific)
John serves as the World Zone Leader for Southeast and South Pacific Asia where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region.
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Emmanuel Donkoh
Emmanuel Donkoh World Zone Leader - West Africa
Emmanuel Donkoh serves as the World Zone Leader in West Africa where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region. Casting a compelling church planting vision, actively recruiting quality leaders, motivating them to plant churches to reach West Africa for Christ, and praying for the vision to come to pass are all a part of his leadership in this region.
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Ramon Mendoza
Ramon Mendoza World Zone Leader - Latin America
Ramon Mendoza serves as the World Zone Leader in Latin America where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region. Casting a compelling church planting vision, actively recruiting quality leaders, motivating them to plant churches to reach Latin America for Christ, and praying for the vision to come to pass are all a part of his leadership in this region.
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Francis Kamau
Francis Kamau World Zone Leader - East & South Africa
Francis serves as the World Zone Leader for East and South Africa where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region.
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Robert Tomaschek
Robert TomaschekWorld Zone Leader - Europe
Robert Tomaschek serves as the European World Zone Leader, which encompasses all of Europe.
His responsibilities include overseeing development of DCPI in Europe, strategic planning, serving as a field staff liaison, resourcing national leaders/trainers, casting vision for Europe, and representing DCPI to denominational leaders and church planting strategists.
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Stephany West
Stephany WestDirector of Partnership, WZ Europe
New addition to the DCPI family, Stephany was born and raised in Texas. She has a B.A. in Economics and minors in European History and Business. She directs Partnership Development.
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Laura Carrillo
Laura CarrilloEuropean NexGen Team Leader & Global NexGen Operations Coordinator
Laura serves as a team leader of DCPI NexGen in Europe and oversees the operations of NexGen around the world. She studied International Relations in Mexico. Her biggest passion is to train and inspire, equip and mobilize the next generation of leaders to embrace church planting and reach the world for Christ.
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Rev. Jeffrey J. Smith
Rev. Jeffrey J. SmithTeam Leader - DCPI NEXGEN SE Asia
Jeffrey Smith is Canadian, ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and missionary who has been serving in the Philippines for 10 years. He founded a Non-Profit organization in the Philippines for Community Development initiatives and a Church Planting Movement called Well of Life. Jeffrey is married to a Filipina missionary nurse named Lydia and they have 1 child Josiah.
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Otoniel Mendoza
Otoniel MendozaLatin American NexGen Team Leader
Otoniel Mendoza leads Latin American NexGen Team by directing and implementing the DCPI NexGen strategy to inspire next generation leaders to embrace church planting ministry. The ultimate goal is to train leaders to plant churches, fulfilling the vision of planting 5 million churches worldwide.
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Victor Pulido
Victor PulidoHispanic Training Coordinator, North America
Victor enjoys developing different ministries within the church: Teaching, Leadership Development, and Pastoral Ministries to name a few. He enjoys connecting with ministry workers and creating relationships networking across the United States and Latin America, focusing on the Multiplication and Church Development to reach all communities through DCPI for Jesus.
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James Kalikwembe
James KalikwembeDirector, Central African Region
James networks and coordinates with national leaders for effective DCPI ministry in the region[Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar and Mozambique]. He is passionate to see thousands of leaders trained and national church planting movements ignited to saturate the region with bible teaching and Christ centred churches to fulfil the Great Commission.
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