The 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting

 Featuring # 1 The Boss Principle

Christ is the Lord of church planting and He has a vision for your new church.


During this festive season of celebrating the arrival of our Savior to this world, it adds to our joy to know that Jesus, having arrived as a Baby in a manger, is today the Lord of church planting!

Having once walked this earth for three years discipling 12 chosen Hebrews, He now disciples all who are called by His name.  Church planters, with whom Christ shares His vision, often enjoy special direction and provision from Him.

Pastor Modhu of Bangladesh is one church planter who attests to this.  He was equipped for church planting by attending the Church Planting Essentials track.  One afternoon he and a friend were evangelizing in a village.  As they rested under a tree, they prayed for God to bring people to them.  Then a Hindu man came out to speak to them; when he found out they were Christians he told them about a couple who were Christians and directed Modhu to them.  They began fellowshipping with this couple and the couple eventually invited them to start a church in their home.

Since that day, Modhu has seen people come to Christ, people healed, and the body grow at this modest church that meets in a small housing complex located in Mirzapur Village.

Modhu’s day of evangelizing with a friend eventually birthed a church, already conceived in God’s heart and quickened with His breath, following Modhu’s and his friend’s request to Him for aid.

All is well with church planters who know that the Babe is the Boss!

Merry Christmas!