Audio Visual Coordinator

Job purpose

  • The Audio Visual Production/Post Production Coordinator will deal with all aspects involved in both Production and Post Production of high quality audio and video content.

Position Type:

  • Support Raising
  • Volunteer

Duties and responsibilities

  • Filming and Editing
  • Recruit and Lead
  • Develop and Maintain Project Milestones/Deadlines
  • Coordinate Resources for AV Projects
  • Develop Logistic Plans for AV Projects
  • Recruit
    • Engage global and local volunteers
    • Actively recruit potential staff members
  • Raise 100% of personal support budget
  • Other tasks as necessary


Qualifications include:

  • At least 3 years of experence
  • Video and audio editing proficiency
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Team leadership
Skills to be Developed

  • Proficient knowledge of Camtasia
  • Simple WordPress Maintenance
  • Project Management Lite with Asana

Working conditions

Work remotely and be able to travel nationally and internationally

Physical requirements

Carry and operate equipment

sit or stand for long periods of time

Direct reports

OLT Director


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