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Multiply The Movement

Our goal is movements of church planting. We need millions of churches to reach the world for Christ. There must be entire movements of church planting. How can we see that happen?

  • Appoint more Master Trainers: These MT’s will certify more trainers in the Church Planting Essentials Track.
  • Multiply Training Events: National leaders hold multiple training events and report results to DCPI.
  • CPM Translation: This training in Church Planting Movements is designed to take leaders to the highest level of Apostolic Style ministry: leading entire movements of church planting.
  • CPM Training: this training is presented throughout the world.
  • Appoint Regional Coordinators: Each of the seven DCPI World Zones has regions, depending on the size of the region. As our ministry grows, each of these regions needs leadership. We call these leaders Regional Coordinators and they are appointed based upon outstanding leadership demonstrated in their role as Master Trainer.
  • Begin Holding Annual Summits: The purpose is to gather field staff for prayer, encouragement and strategic planning. Summits may be held by Country, Region, or World Zone. A yearly Global Vision Summit is held each year to bring together the top leaders from around the world.
  • Identify World Zone Leaders: Establish effective leadership is needed for each of the seven world zones to activate this strategy globally. As God makes us aware of His anointing on an outstanding leader, we appoint these persons as one of the seven World Zone Leaders.
  • Multiply Training Events in ALL DCPI Tracks: Nationals continue to train in Essentials and other tracks and report to DCPI the results of each training event. They continue the process until there are sufficient MT’s and CT’s working to saturate the country with churches and advance church planting movements.
  • Send Master Trainers and Certified Trainers to Neighboring Countries or Regions:  They go as missionaries to generate church planting movements through the previous eight steps.
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